We have a number of ways for you to get involved with The Kind Fest!

Sponsors, Artists and Vendors:  Our deadline has passed for participation in this year’s festival and are so excited about the partners who are able to join us at our inaugural event!

Donate a giveaway or raffle item:  Please let us know if you have any last minute donations by filling out the form here by Friday, August 4th.

Food Trucks:  We may have room for 1-2 additional food trucks, especially those focused on lunch options.  Please make sure you have a generator or other power source and apply here by Friday, August 4th.

Volunteer:  We are actively seeking volunteers to help on the day of our event.  Invite a friend to join you and apply here.

Donate money:  Lastly, if you can’t join us for the day’s event but want to contribute to our efforts, please consider a tax deductible donation to support The Kind Fest here.