Meet the Founder & Kind Fest Visionary

Angie Louthan

In May of 2015, just 6 months after I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, I laid in bed with my girls, then ages 5 and 7, feeling gratitude for all the ways the power of kindness had supported my quick recovery.  My healing came through community, connection, play, joy, random acts of kindness, and extra doses of compassion.  Kindness looked like delivered meals, help with household tasks, surprise gifts at my doorstep, spending time connecting with self and others, taking up acrylic painting, daily walks, learning how to slow down and rest, learning to say no, cuddling more with my girls, being compassionate with my humanness, and much more.  I began to dream up a large scale way to share the value of kindness, connection, and community.  I thought, “What if we could do all of this through a festival!?”  I envisioned creating The Kind Fest as the platform for artists, leaders, businesses, organizations, and volunteers to help teach, inspire, and empower people to create a kinder world both within themselves and outside of themselves.   So in May of 2015, I bought the domain name and took baby steps towards my dream, and in August of 2017 we held our 1st annual Kind Fest!  While I don’t claim perfection in kindness, I aspire to learn how I can practice more kindness and compassion in everyday living.  The more I practice, the more healing, connection, and joy I experience in my life.   I’m a big dreamer, an intuition and heart follower, a risk taker, a story teller, an energetic action taker, and passionate about co-creating with kind people who want to make this world a better place.


Meet the Project Manager Laura Stanton

Laura comes with over 16 years of experience in marketing, event planning, and project management for Microsoft.   Laura brings her background and expertise to help build our sponsor and vendor registration, marketing, and direct event operations.  When Laura first heard about The Kind Fest, she knew she wanted to help because she believes that mindfulness and kindness is what has made a difference in her career at Microsoft these last 5 years.  Laura determined that she would take back her work/life balance and strive to make a difference in people (vs. focusing on “just the work”).  Laura recently retired as a way to show herself some priority and kindness through taking control back on her health.