We are excited to have our guest speakers elevate the healing power of kindness and teach our attendees how they can practice it in everyday living!  Topics might include what kindness looks like with yourself, in relationships, as a parent, in the workplace setting, in politics, or with the planet.

Given the nature of our outdoor event and our full schedule in the tent, guest speakers will be given 15 minutes to talk.  It’s like a Ted talk!  Think of your talk as an introduction to concepts, skills, and tools that leave attendees feeling empowered to bring more kindness into their lives.

Select from the following Guest Speaker levels when you apply:

Sponsorship level A benefits include:
10 x 10 booth
Company logo, Company name, and link to your website on registration site
Article/advertisement in pre-event marketing/newsletter to potential attendees and registrants
25% discount on The Kind Fest logo’d apparel
Logo and website address in the event guide (handed out onsite)
Your booth will be a required “stamp” for attendee BINGO/raffle eligibility
Voucher for “buy one, get one free” lunch ($15 credit) at one of our participating food trucks. A volunteer to bring it to you or stay at your booth while you take a short break.

Cost:  $50

Sponsorship level B is a speaking opportunity only (by invitation only)

Cost: $25

All speaking is by invitation only.